kein kuchen da?!

♪ Hätt ich gewußt, dass es kein Kuchen da wär
wär ich nicht gekommen, dann wär mein Magen nicht leer
das konnte ich nicht wissen, ich dachte, bestimmt
gibt’s bei dir immer Kuchen, vielleicht mit Schoko und ZimtRead More »

eurovision 2013 | generational differences

G’evening! Two entirely unrelated things on my mind. First, the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Fantastic show! Surprising results. I think the values and tastes of voters are changing rapidly. There were some really good songs this year, songs that could be plausible standalone songs. My favourites: Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Malta, France and the Netherlands. Special mention to Romania, who sang most of the song in falsetto while wearing a Dracula-inspired cloak. The interval song that the Swedish host performed deserves special mention. It packed every single Swedish stereotype you can think of in a few minutes of pure entertainment, complete with jokes about hosting a show you can’t afford and meatballs with horsemeat. Genius.

The second thing on my mind tonight is this interesting piece titled “Yes, the men of my father’s generation were better at being men.” Comment sections in the Guardian generally add positively to the article that is being commented on and are fun and insightful to read.Read More »