In other news, men who reek of garlic are more attractive to women, according to this study. No science yet about how garlicky sweat affects women’s attractiveness!

first sixty seconds

The alarm clock rang at 8:12. Except it wasn’t a clock, it was his phone, and he’d snoozed it twice already. All right, up and at ‘em, he thought. But at what?

Genuine curiosity brought him to full consciousness. He halfheartedly slid out of bed, brushing his long matted hair out of his green eyes and freckled face and into a ponytail. Still wondering what he was supposed to be getting at now that he was up, he walked across his bright tidy room and grabbed the nearest pair of cargo shorts and punny graphic tee and pulled them on.Read More »

there will always be expats

When all else fails, there’ll always be expats. I admittedly spent my first six months in Rostock pointedly avoiding them unless I specifically needed something from them, opting to seek out connections with Germans instead. It was hard work but kind of paid off. Then I got complacent. Then the seeking out connections with Germans part stopped. And without expats, I had no one. Read More »

sorry for the inconvenience


The vitriol sometimes emitting from otherwise decent, educated folk – my friends – when their fun is interrupted by demonstrators is shocking. One friend railed against how Occupy was being inconsiderate and getting in the way: her friend was having a wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral, London and asked the occupiers to leave but they declined and even saw it as a media opportunity for their cause. A former classmate wrote a pissy post on Facebook about how Occupy Frankfurt was ruining his one-day trip to the city.

News flash: Social change isn’t meant to be comfortable or convenient. I mean, fuck.