meandering apart

I meandered freely as a stream that flows through those plains yonder*
There was no other woman in sight and I had space to ponder
True though it was that I could see for miles all around
I got lost – in my own thoughts – when suddenly came a soundRead More »

plain language, people. use plain language

I first came across the term Internet of Things about six, seven years ago at work in the context of the future city. I didn’t get it then but I finally get it now. It’s simply “smart everything, interconnected”. That’s it. Pretty basic as soon as you understand the concept of “smart”. And if you don’t, here’s my longer definition:Read More »

for my bday i’d like… feminist foreign policy

Gillard: OG of calling out a male co-worker’s misogyny?

I wrote the post below yesterday, but since we’re on the subject of fighting sexism and speaking up in the interests of women, may I present my pick for any verbal battle: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, representing New York’s 14th district.

A congressman – her co-worker – called her a “fucking bitch” and “disgusting” in the presence of another congressman on the steps of the Capitol two days ago. The next day he gave a huge non-apology speech. So AOC called him out on it – on behalf of all women who have ever been on the receiving end of verbal abuse from men.

Here is her speech in full. Read More »


Crosswords are my new calming technique. They force me to upend the entire archive of my brain in searching for the answer. That effort requires total focus and does not allow for distraction.

I’ve started about 25 in the past two weeks (WaPo & New Yorker) but only today did I finally manage to correctly complete a whole one! The feeling of achievement is second to none.

Monday, 20 July 2020:

city of joy (netflix)

Human greed leads to human suffering on an unfathomable scale.

City of Joy is a community in the Democratic Republic of Congo created for women who have survived horrific sexual, physical and emotional violence. After leaving the hospital, the women spend six months in the City of Joy taking classes to learn how to turn their pain into power.Read More »