professions i’d like to have

but am unfit for:

  • carpenter
  • pastry chef
  • baker
  • architect
  • engineer
  • bike mechanic
  • writer

the night before xmas – work version

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, when throughout the workplace
Not a creature was pausing in the pre-holiday phase.

We donned our dark suits and polished our brogues
“A Christmas themed tie? Or something in vogue?”
All to prepare for the annual staff meet
Before which the year would not be complete.Read More »

my motivation is… eu?

I resolved as one of goals this new year to find more motivation for my work. After reading an adoring piece on Emmanuel Macron, the liberal European independent candidate running in France’s presidential race, and revisiting my post-Brexit blog post here, I think the only plausible reason is massively macro: the EU itself. I am a part of the Union by way of working for an EU program. If I believe so strongly in this economic, political, cultural, administrative project – which I do – then I need to do my best to contribute to it by being a high-quality, functioning cog of the administration (go on, call it bureaucracy…).

Let’s see if I can’t stick that on my desktop monitor to get me going tomorrow…


puzzle pieces

Life and career isn’t just one long ladder we need struggle to climb up, one rung leading to the next level up. Rather, I think of my career as a collection of amazing experiences. I look at each one as a piece of the puzzle that builds the big picture of my lifetime’s body of work, rather than a linear progression where the next move always means more money/prestige/responsibility.

– Iris

hier ist alles möglich

meine Spuren auf unberührtem Schnee
meine Spuren auf unberührtem Schnee

Ich möchte auf dem vorherigen Thema (‘Hier könnte dein Traum ausgeführt werden‘) näher eingehen.

Mein Cousin ist nach einem Austauschsemester in Wien wieder in Kanada (sogar an der Uni, die meine Alma Mater ist). Er schreibt, dass die letzten vier Monaten die glücklichsten und besten waren, die er bisher erlebt hat. Er habe nicht nur eine neue Ecke der Welt, sondern auch etwas Neues über ihn selbst, entdeckt. Dieses Gefühl kann ich komplett nachempfinden, weil es für mich nach meinem Austauschsemester in Uppsala dasselbe war.

Es geht um die großen Fragen “Wer bin ich?” und “Was kann/will ich machen?”Read More »