my canadian politics rap

Beat by Element Productions (at 110% tempo)
Lyrics my own

i wanna be clear: we had ten years full of darkness
that’s a decade of fear to divide, scare and part us
the story of harper’s reign starts in 2006
with a minority of electoral picks
it was a picture of false majority in 2011
thank single member plurality, westminster inheritance
it was a total blow, ranking as a low form of penance
a road to thought control for which we supposedly votedRead More »

reconstituted verbiage

In both form and content, here’s my response to my disappointing last post, where the sentiment was good but the writing not – full sentences were chopped up to form rhyming boxes, then on second thought glued back into lines of prose.

You might know that I adore writing but am terrified of speaking, so this is new frontiers!