scotus 6-3

The US Supreme Court passed a 6-3 decision today banning discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Specifically, the decision ruled that the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination in employment “because of sex”, extended to sexual orientation and gender identity. There is hope for the US after all. Read More »

love letter pt. ii

That’s not how I’d expected
We talk – I feel respected
Your voice betrays you care
I don’t know why you dare
To pretend it’s otherwise
So I hold on to these lies
As my self-doubts rise
After we hang up
It’s clear we won’t hang out
As if you’d had enough
Our friendship you rebuff
Without knocking at your door
You forget what came before
I disappear right from your mind
And that hurts me to my core
It’s not like I am blind
Your silence is a sign
I see but am confused
It’s simply not in line
With all the other times
That cannot be excused
We connected; that was real
Hence this careful appeal
That your absence does not sync
With why we reached this brink
As our grip slips from this rope
I hold on still to hope
Though to my consternation
My previous expectation
Was dashed the next day’s morning
With little to no warning.

first sixty seconds

The alarm clock rang at 8:12. Except it wasn’t a clock, it was his phone, and he’d snoozed it twice already. All right, up and at ‘em, he thought. But at what?

Genuine curiosity brought him to full consciousness. He halfheartedly slid out of bed, brushing his long matted hair out of his green eyes and freckled face and into a ponytail. Still wondering what he was supposed to be getting at now that he was up, he walked across his bright tidy room and grabbed the nearest pair of cargo shorts and punny graphic tee and pulled them on.Read More »

football (soccer)

During recess on the first day of school in grade 6, I ran to the gravel field as I had done every day in grade 5 and 4 to kick around a ball with my classmates. When I arrived, there was the same group of boys I’d played with the past two years and they told me, in no uncertain terms, that I couldn’t play because I was a girl.Read More »

my year in beer 2018

St Andrews Brewing Co. Potterrow, Edinburgh

I like stats, so here’s one to start us off: For the first ten months of the year I averaged 20 new beers a month. That’s 2 new beers every 3 days! In total I had 236 different beers in the year.

Here’s a second stat: After Germany (133), where I live, the country whose beer I drank most was Scotland (31). Twenty of those were enjoyed in Edinburgh – that city is a wet dream for beer and pub enthusiasts, by the way.Read More »