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Gillard: OG of calling out a male co-worker’s misogyny?

I wrote the post below yesterday, but since we’re on the subject of fighting sexism and speaking up in the interests of women, may I present my pick for any verbal battle: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, representing New York’s 14th district.

A congressman – her co-worker – called her a “fucking bitch” and “disgusting” in the presence of another congressman on the steps of the Capitol two days ago. The next day he gave a huge non-apology speech. So AOC called him out on it – on behalf of all women who have ever been on the receiving end of verbal abuse from men.

Here is her speech in full. Read More »

city of joy (netflix)

Human greed leads to human suffering on an unfathomable scale.

City of Joy is a community in the Democratic Republic of Congo created for women who have survived horrific sexual, physical and emotional violence. After leaving the hospital, the women spend six months in the City of Joy taking classes to learn how to turn their pain into power.Read More »

hannah gadsby

Nanette is much more than a stand-up routine. It is a breathtaking piece of art and humanity. I would not compare it to other stand-up. Instead, I am putting it in the same league as the most powerful and moving speeches I have ever heard. The moment when she asserts, “I am in my prime!” and fearlessly dares anyone to test her was awe-inspiring and will be burned in my mind for a long, long time.

I’m glad I watched it alone; I want it to sink in without interruption (although I am typing this and reading five reviews at the same time…). The show should be required watching for every human.

If you want more slightly more laughs and slightly less sitting in stunned silence, her follow-up Douglas is great, too. Solid piece of comedy.

Both are available on Netflix.

gender in sports

The truth is, gender in sports is complicated.

– Qxhna Titcomb, All-Star Ultimate Tour: The Documentary

This is a very good documentary about one project’s mission to improve gender equity in ultimate frisbee. It struck pretty much every chord in me for obvious reasons (I am a female ultimate player constantly wondering about the role of gender in every part of life and society – especially sports).

Absolutely fascinating to read reflections from the players themselves in their blog posts, too


I’m staring at two calendars, trying to sync them neatly with each other. The first is a regular monthly calendar that keeps track of my appointments. It used to be packed to the gills with social appointments: coffee with a friend, board games evening, walks, dinners, drinks, movie nights. All that stopped after I came back last summer. Pretty much the only things left in the calendar are ultimate frisbee practices, meetings and tournaments.

The second is a menstruation calendar that keeps track of my period.Read More »