dropping some rhymes on a snowy morning

by Rostock Frost

Which gloves I’ll wear I think I know
Without them m’hands would get wet and cold
I’ll not forget the toque, lest fear
I watch my hair pile up with snowRead More »


bike love

I like big bikes and I cannot lie

I got this bike for free. FOR FREE!!! It weighs, oh I dunno, 8-9kg? A far cry from my other beautiful but heavy Dutch bike.

It rides very lightly, as if it weren’t even there. For wheels that big it’s quite sensitive to steering. Perhaps because it’s so light? I can actually do a U-turn…

I managed to flip over the handlebars today. It was on a deserted path by the Alster and I was going down a mild incline. The foot of the incline was uneven so I braked to slow right down. The front brake worked a little too well and the momentum from going downhill pushed me over. Only minor damage to the shins. Lucky.


the beauty of eating outdoors

Picnics rock!
Picnics rock!

Food tastes better outdoors because we simplify. We take down all the walls that our everyday routines require us to put up, and we enjoy food for food’s sake.

So true. Read the rest of that awesome blog here!

Today I went cycling with a friend in Altes Land. She’s organising a cycletour this summer and wanted to test out all the routes beforehand, and I happily tagged along. It’s the 1st of June and continues to be a very cold spring here in northern Germany. Cycling toward the sea and thus against the wind didn’t help!

It was a really nice 40km ride though. We had a wicked lunch of potatoes, meatballs, beetroot-tomato-rucola-feta salad, cheese sandwiches and strawberries. Yes, it was as delicious and grown-up as it sounds, haha.

adventures! of a freshly post-thesisite, in the first week of the rest of her life

Friday, 18 January, 2013

A lethal mix of late nights of Borgen, malfunctioning clocks, and knowing my supervisor wouldn’t be in today led to tardiness to the tune of 10:25am. Huh boy. The office continues to be dead quiet, with seven of us in. I took it easy – did some work, then quaffed around a bit.

Then I went for the salmon heads. They had three today! I was ecstatic. Came home and made hotpot. If removing salmon gills was on my bucket list I could now tick it off, but it’s not, cos it’s bloody disgusting (pun intended), so I won’t. And now I’m so stuffed with fatty fatty salmon that my body and brain’s reached lethargy. Something tells me eating ice cream while starting Borgen Season 2 is a terrible idea, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

Borgen and work are both challenging my views on politics and ways to get social change. More on that at a later date…Read More »

potluck and other things

Six friends came over tonight for a potluck dinner. It was a good evening! Now there’s enough Maultaschen, Spätzle, mini pizzas, hummus and white bean dip to last me till the second coming of Christ. And for dessert? Chocolate and raspberry torte. Mmmm. I’d like to do that again, even though I’m not that good at hosting events (too laid back, essentially).

There are a couple of things I’d like to quickly share before bed:

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Altes Land

The 1st of May is Labour Day and a public holiday in Germany as in many countries, and it’s tradition for Hamburgers to go cycling in Altes Land on this day to see the apple and cherry blossoms. Altes Land is just southwest of Hamburg and is the largest fruit-growing region in northern Europe, with 3.5 million fruit trees (95% of which are apple trees).

There are designated bike paths everywhere so it’s very easy to cycle. The weather was perfect and we had a picnic. Carola brought potato salad and wiener sausages (very German!), Logan brought gummy bears and biscuits he bought at the train station minutes before we met up (very Logan), and I brought a smorgasbord of a salad and homemade brownies.

Main ways to get to Altes Land from Hamburg:
1) Take the regional train R50 or S-bahn S3 for 30 min, alight Buxtehude. Cycle north about 2km.
2) Catch ferry #62 from Landungsbrücken, alight Finkenwerder. Cycle east about 6km.
3) Take S-bahn S1 or S11, alight Blankenese. Catch ferry #48 to Altes Fährhaus.