on electoral reform, it’s trudeau’s way or the highway

[transcript below]

Wow, his previous job experience as a drama teacher is really paying off right now. I actually believe that he actually believes that Canada is better served with a smaller number of larger political parties instead of a larger number of smaller political parties. He comes from a political dynasty, with a father having served as prime minister. He comes from a party that has governed the country for at least half of all its history, and he believes it’s done quite well, thankyouverymuch.Read More »

trump is the best thing to ever happen to trudeau

South of the border is a crass, brash, crude, cruel, snarling, heartless, stupid, mean, linguistically challenged bigot, racist and misogynist. His counterpart north of the border is all smiles and warmth, projects compassion and love, is eloquent and the face of fun and good cheer, can pass the strictest of political correctness tests, calls himself a feminist and reminds us at every chance how much he welcomes refugees, Muslims, immigrants and diversity. And why wouldn’t he be smiling? Trump is the antichrist that lets him play knight in shining armour in Canada and the world.Read More »

my canadian politics rap

Beat by Element Productions (at 110% tempo)
Lyrics my own

i wanna be clear: we had ten years full of darkness
that’s a decade of fear to divide, scare and part us
the story of harper’s reign starts in 2006
with a minority of electoral picks
it was a picture of false majority in 2011
thank single member plurality, westminster inheritance
it was a total blow, ranking as a low form of penance
a road to thought control for which we supposedly votedRead More »

terror attacks in paris

I have one friend living in Paris. That is my only connection to the city. I have never been there or been particularly drawn to it. I cannot cry for it and will not pray for it. Just as I felt nothing for Beirut, Ankara, Garissa or Mumbai, my heart is unmoved by the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13th. Even while my head tells me they were horrible atrocities. I mean no offense. I respect the right of others to grieve, to feel shock, to be scared, to be angry. But I cannot compel myself to feel grief or outrage. Perhaps because I am desensitised. Perhaps the link between the attacks and me is weak. I have a low level of empathy anyway. I am neither proud nor ashamed of my lack of feeling. It just is.Read More »

[update] but he has promises to keep

[updates on progress, if any, as of Jan 2017]

Top policy promises by Justin Trudeau that I look forward to seeing him keep:

  1. BROKEN: Introduce electoral reform, based on recommendations from an all-party committee, within 18 months
  2. Launch a national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women
  3. Bring back the long-form census
  4. Implement all recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  5. End bomb raids in Syria
  6. Scrap the purchase of F-35 fighter jets: however, 18 new jets (Super Hornets) were purchased as an interim solution until the gov’t decides what to actually replace the existing CF-18s with
  7. Repeal Bill C-24: some aspects have been repealed, incl. revocation of citizenship for terrorism/on national security grounds, and a new amending bill C-6 has been introduced, proposing i.a. revocation of citizenship in cases of fraud/misinformation, and to limit language requirement to 18-54 y.o. applicants. More: https://openparliament.ca/bills/42-1/C-6/?tab=mentions
  8. Form a gender-balanced cabinet of 25 members: (30 members, close enough)
  9. Ensure safe drinking water on First Nations reserves within 5 years
  10. Cancel income splitting
  11. Quadruple federal spending in public transit over the next decade
  12. Repeal the “problematic elements” of Bill C-51

I will be striking through these items as he gets ’em done.