thunder cracks, clouds shatter

Scamper of talons
Spasmodically searching
Head, eyes darting
Scurrying, hustling
To the popcorn
Offered magnanimously
By bench boy
Who wields this power of god
Controls his subjects
They dance for him
More come, involuntarily
The footpath clogs
With feathered activity
A foul sight to see
I must pass
Despite the park sign
I step on the grassRead More »


hier ist alles möglich

meine Spuren auf unberührtem Schnee
meine Spuren auf unberührtem Schnee

Ich möchte auf dem vorherigen Thema (‘Hier könnte dein Traum ausgeführt werden‘) näher eingehen.

Mein Cousin ist nach einem Austauschsemester in Wien wieder in Kanada (sogar an der Uni, die meine Alma Mater ist). Er schreibt, dass die letzten vier Monaten die glücklichsten und besten waren, die er bisher erlebt hat. Er habe nicht nur eine neue Ecke der Welt, sondern auch etwas Neues über ihn selbst, entdeckt. Dieses Gefühl kann ich komplett nachempfinden, weil es für mich nach meinem Austauschsemester in Uppsala dasselbe war.

Es geht um die großen Fragen “Wer bin ich?” und “Was kann/will ich machen?”Read More »

most things i know more about than the things i should know about

Even the mediocre food here in Nantes is amazing. There was goat’s cheese in my pumpkin butternut squash soup at lunch.

Tonight’s 4-course dinner involved, among other things, scallops, veal, three cheeses, giant raspberry macarons, and wine, wine, wine. It was the same fare served to the mayors of the World Mayors’ Summit on Climate Change… so yeah.

The dinner didn’t start off so well: I got sandwiched between the private sector partners and the French architects. Hardly ideal. Read More »

bonjour from nantes

Greetings! I hail from the western French city of Nantes, population 600k, European Green Capital 2014. After the end of my first full day at the EcoCity Summit, I found a bite and some hydration at a packed, low-key bar downtown, with most of the tables spilling onto the pedestrian-only street in the warm evening air. I washed down a small aubergine curry and “muffins” (think mini cheese-filled yorkshire puddings) with two French-sized (25 cl) beers, a red the bar brewed itself. It was pretty freakin great…

I don’t really want to talk too much about the conference and content, but I want to share some random musings that I mused over on my nicely buzzed walk home after dinner.Read More »