forushande: my (bananenweizen-fueled) review

Taraneh Alidoosti as Rana Etesami

Not heavy. Intense. That’s how I want to describe Forushande (The Salesman). Only when the end credits started rolling did I allowemyself to breathe again. The film is naked and honest without being either raw or banal.Read More »

‘Der Vorleser’ – eine Buchrezension

Der VorleserAls der Erzähler fünfzehn und krank war, begann er eine Beziehung mit einer älteren Frau. So fängt ‚Der Vorleser‘ von Bernhard Schlink an – das Buch ist so benannt, weil er ihr Bücher vorließt. Eines Tages verschwindet sie ohne Ankündigung. Später finden wir heraus, während der KZ-Prozess beschrieben wird, dass sie als Aufseherin in einem KZ gearbeitet hat. Das Buch teilt sich in drei Teile: vor dem Prozess, während des Prozesses, und nach dem Prozess.Read More »

„Das Orangenmädchen“ – eine Buchrezension


„Das Orangenmädchen“ ist eigentlich eine Geschichte, die in einer größeren Geschichte gesetzt ist. Der fünfzehnjährige Georg liest zum ersten Mal einen Brief von seinem vor elf Jahren verstorbenen Vater. Der Brief erzählt die märchenhafte Geschichte, wie der Vater Georgs Mama kennengelernt hat, und wie er sich in sie verliebt hat. Der Brief stellt den Vater vor, den der Sohn bisher nicht kannte. Aber vor allem geht es in dem Brief darum, was das Leben ist und was es wirklich bedeutet, im Rahmen des unendlichen Universums zu leben. Obwohl der Autor vermutlich eher auf ein jüngeres Publikum abziehlt, kann ich mir durchaus vorstellen dass auch Erwachsene freude daran finden könnten.Read More »

great expectations


I am very much afraid I must go, Handel, when you most need me.


Herbert, I shall always need you, because I shall always love you; but my need is no greater now than at another time.

<3 Why are we so independent and individualistic nowadays? Whatever happened to sincerely telling a friend you love and need them and that not being weird?

children’s books are magic

golden compass philip pullman a swiftly tilting planet madeleine l'englethe thief of always clive barkerthe outsiders s.e. hintonsolitaire mystery jostein gaarder a handful of time kit pearson













Every summer when I was a kid my mom would drop my sister and me off at the public library for the day. I would start by returning the books I had borrowed and finished from the previous day and grab a book recommendations list that was available on a coloured slip of paper. There were several lists according to genre and age. I’d wander around the children’s section, pulling things off shelves. What I couldn’t finish during the day I checked out to read later – in the car, at the dinner table, in bed.Read More »

socialism & atheism

socialism is not only a problem of labour, or the so-called ‘fourth estate’, but is in the first instance a problem of atheism, of the contemporary embodiment of atheism, the problem of the Tower of Babel, constructed expressly without God, not for the attainment of heaven from earth, but for the abasement of heaven to earth

Dostoyevsky – The Brothers Karamazov

it’s my birthday! – updated

It’s not, but it might as well be, because the next two weeks are going to be awwwwwwwwesome! Bear with me while I list the reasons!!!!
12 days later, let’s see how reality matched up to expectations.

  1. First work trip ever! to Bonn! And I only have two real responsibilities: take photos and take care of the Gambian minister of forests and environment during our event.
    That was fun. Learned a lot about events, which will serve me well. That night post-event was crazy: dude from one of our sponsors went to have a drink (read: 4) with me, the other intern and our 69-year-old colleague. In a word, madness. Then the other intern and I wandered Bad Godesberg until the hotel’s breakfast buffet opened = worst idea ever, but somehow so much fun, and I have to laugh every time I think back to it. Had really good convos with him. The 2 hours we had in Bonn proper the next day was loads of fun too.
  2. Going to Amsterdam! Uppsala reunion – 9 of us in total!!! Including some friends I haven’t seen since June ’09!
    No explanation needed beyond the fact that these people are awesome. Lots of food involved. Plus: Speculoos spread (which is actually Belgian, but I can’t get it in Germany) is amazing.
  3. Will be on a train for 8 hours next week. I love trains! I think it’s because I hardly ever take it (buses/planes are cheaper). Picked out my reading material already – can finally start The Brothers Karamazov!
  4. My paper(s) will be done in 24 hours! They’ve been making me miserable for 3 months now!
    Thank god that’s done.
  5. MY INTERNSHIP GOT EXTENDED YO. The new media intern starts next week. My semester starts in two weeks (it’s no coincidence, we planned it this way). From then on I do 1 day/week, mainly translation and proofreading work. With a 250% pay raise. This goes until end of January. Then starting in March my supervisor wants to bring me back for a project/event that culminates in October in India. Also paid. God I love my life right now…
    Sooo… the new intern is really nice and really cool. We had a media dept pow-wow today and it was odd to have to share my responsibilities. Bah, anyway.
  6. New semester starts in two weeks, as I mentioned. Will be good to see my lovely classmates and friends again :)
  7. Looking forward to having more free time to take up a German language course!
    Trying to decide between 4 hours on Wed retaking the course I did last semester, or paying 280 eur for 72 hours over 8 weeks. The attraction of the latter option is that it’s 2.5 hours per session, 3 sessions per week.
  8. FilmFest Hamburg looks great. I’m normally not a big film person but these really look good and I have the time this weekend and also the money (I save so much money when I guilt myself into not socialising because of school work) so I’m def seeing at *least* one.
    Was too lazy to go.
  9. Long weekend! Monday is the 3rd of October – German Reunification Day. Mad baking of cakes!
    No baking. But I did just whip up a pumpkin pie.
  10. The Saturday Adventure is back! (because of #4) I think we’re doing another outdoorsy semi-rural walk.
    Good walk in the woods with two of my fav fellow foreign classmates: Logan and Kate.
  11. The weather has been un-freakin-believably gorgeous the past week. Summer, finally!
    Spent the weekend outdoors. Now the weather is ganz scheiß…

I’m such a lucky person. For the things listed above, but also for being this happy.