In other news, men who reek of garlic are more attractive to women, according to this study. No science yet about how garlicky sweat affects women’s attractiveness!


I’m staring at two calendars, trying to sync them neatly with each other. The first is a regular monthly calendar that keeps track of my appointments. It used to be packed to the gills with social appointments: coffee with a friend, board games evening, walks, dinners, drinks, movie nights. All that stopped after I came back last summer. Pretty much the only things left in the calendar are ultimate frisbee practices, meetings and tournaments.

The second is a menstruation calendar that keeps track of my period.Read More »

football (soccer)

During recess on the first day of school in grade 6, I ran to the gravel field as I had done every day in grade 5 and 4 to kick around a ball with my classmates. When I arrived, there was the same group of boys I’d played with the past two years and they told me, in no uncertain terms, that I couldn’t play because I was a girl.Read More »

diversity in advertisement

I went to the website of my favourite outdoor equipment store and was pleasantly surprised (read: ecstatic!) to be greeted by the image above. It’s rare to see women of colour in advertising for products that aren’t specifically for us, and extremely rare to see women of colour associated with sports or the outdoors in advertising. My heart swelled for the inclusiveness of Canada and MEC.Read More »