how many female athletes can i name? (not many)

“I wanna be the next Kobe!” was a sentence that ran through my head today.

“Wait. Kobe had rape charges filed against him…” I found myself remembering.

“Then I wanna be the next MJ!”

“Dude, aren’t there any female athletes you can look up to?”Read More »


i failed my road test (praktische prüfung)

I had an acutely crappy day today. Acutely crappy days are pretty rare for me; more often I feel a vague sense of anxiety, restlessness, dissatisfaction, unfulfilment, or even ennui, but only once in a while does something specific happen that adds a focused type of anger, disappointment, frustration, confusion or helplessness to the general unhappiness. Today was one of those days: today I failed my road test.Read More »

checkpoint lütten klein, for persons (not) of a certain colour

The AfD [extreme right political party in the German parliament] had announced it would be setting up  camp in Lütten Klein. I went there to go to ultimate frisbee practice anyway. We were gathered in front of a buddy’s house beforehand. I was about to head off when I realised I’d forgotten my backpack, so I turned back for it. Clara or Swantje had picked it up and put it inside her much larger black backpack and was carrying a third. I reached for mine, but she handed me a green hiking pack instead.

“It’s better if you carry this,” she said grimly.Read More »

ultimate frisbee frauen-dm: 1. wochenende

An einem warmen Samstagvormittag versammelten sich die Endamazonis anlässlich des ersten Wochenendes der Frauen-DM 3. Liga Nord-Ost vor der Spielhalle in Lichtenhagen, und konnten, nachdem ein kleiner Knick mit der Haustür gelöst wurde, sogar reingehen. Ein kleines aber feines Buffet wurde schnell aufgebaut, der Spielfeld gleich hinterher, die Spielzeiten auf dem Spielplan wegen der kleinen Verspätung umgeschrieben, die Endamazonis-Fahne aufgehängt, und dann durften wir uns ohne Ablenkung auf Scheibe konzentrieren.Read More »