review: ‘blood and water’ [no spoilers]


As a Chinese-Canadian hypersensitive to (under)representation of all sorts, I was stoked to hear about Blood and Water, a Canadian crime drama with almost exclusively Chinese-Canadian characters.

In a nutshell, it’s the underdeveloped lovechild of New Zealand’s Top of the Lake and Denmark/Sweden’s The Bridge. The opening theme song is an out-of-place hipster acoustic guitar piece. The visuals are dark, brooding, moody and heavy.  The police station is perpetually underlit. With sweeping panoramas of the North Shore – including Squamish and Cleveland Dam, and a port I couldn’t identify – as well as close-ups of TransLink buses and East Van housing, Vancouver appears to be a chilly inner city ghetto where bad things happen. Which was perhaps intended, as bad things do indeed take place in the show. Very bad things.Read More »