wir strebermigranten

Haben wir es richtig gemacht?

Wie kommt man am besten an in einem fremden Land, was ist gute Integration, außer die Sprache lernen, Arbeit und Freunde finden? Und welche Rolle spielt bei alldem eigentlich das Herkunftland?

Hat am Ende gewonnen, wer als Migrant nicht mehr erkennbar ist?

Wir Strebermigranten, Emilia Smechowski


my shots

I am no Alexander Hamilton
Even though we’re both first generation immigrants
There is one colossal glaring difference
I don’t need no shot; I’m indifferent.
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i failed my road test (praktische prüfung)

I had an acutely crappy day today. Acutely crappy days are pretty rare for me; more often I feel a vague sense of anxiety, restlessness, dissatisfaction, unfulfilment, or even ennui, but only once in a while does something specific happen that adds a focused type of anger, disappointment, frustration, confusion or helplessness to the general unhappiness. Today was one of those days: today I failed my road test.Read More »

bringing up boys

Everett Lewis (Ethan Hawke) and Maude Dowley/Lewis (Sally Hawkins) in Maudie

Men are in need of improvement. This opinion is surely shared by all women. How many times have I heard female friends speak – only half in jest – of their boyfriends, partners and husbands as if they were pets to be trained, or as another ‘child’ in the house, or as projects? Inherent in this approach is the idea that the man is currently not meeting (her) expectations. And how many times have I heard that the girlfriend/partner/wife is the best thing that’s happened to him, that she straightened him out, that she tamed and domesticated him? And how many times more have I myself wished for certain underdeveloped, socially inept men to find a partner who would teach him and improve him so that I no longer had to interact with a Neanderthal?Read More »

dear canada

Golden Ears Park, BC – July 2010

This isn’t one of those letters where I first list what’s wrong in our relationship and then go on to say that despite those problems we’re still good or whatever. I mean, yes, but when we dig deeper it’s choppy waters for us. I want to be honest about that. Just for today I want to shed the two semi-true pretences (or semi-false realities?) that I’ve unintentionally built up over the past sixteen years:

1. That I understand you because I know something of your politics
2. That you are the absolute best and there’s nowhere else I feel more at homeRead More »