thunder cracks, clouds shatter

Scamper of talons
Spasmodically searching
Head, eyes darting
Scurrying, hustling
To the popcorn
Offered magnanimously
By bench boy
Who wields this power of god
Controls his subjects
They dance for him
More come, involuntarily
The footpath clogs
With feathered activity
A foul sight to see
I must pass
Despite the park sign
I step on the grass

Rolling thunder to the south-south-west
As I roll out of bed
Icy spring water greets my face
And I awake
My steaming Nescafe
Draws a gang of flies
Who filter the valley yonder
Thunder cracks, clouds shatter
Water pours from heaven
Pitter-patter on the iron awning
The sky bids me good morning
Starts the day stretching, yawning
Rain turns quickly into hail
Rendering the mountain trails
Off limits today

Through the woods
Down the creek bed
‘Cross the valley
This vast expanse
Of grass and dock
Guarded on three sides
By mountaintop
Open to the skies
So open the trail signs
There – there is the trail
Not up the gorge
But to the right
Upward climb, up, up, up
With no respite
At last, the ridge – hurray!
And there’s the lake!
Lacul Avrig
Shrouded in cloud
A thick grey veil
I wade in
A pretence
The water’s ice
Too cold to swim
Cloud cover descends, ascends
Time to go, cabin bound
The pups await

Personal obstacles: As it turns out, I’m intensely, overwhelmingly fearful of crossing running water courses.

all my breads – by king arthur, miller

soft, gentle, shy
the grey pastel
of the hour before daybreak –
colour creeps in
a quiet blue tint
so faint, it apologised.
its strength holds up half my starter
equals with wheat
but it soon drowns
in a tide of teig
of louder flours.
having bloomed, now fades
as the backdrop, unseen
as the foundation of
all my breads
since last july.

my canadian politics rap

Beat by Element Productions (at 110% tempo)
Lyrics my own

i wanna be clear: we had ten years full of darkness
that’s a decade of fear to divide, scare and part us
the story of harper’s reign starts in 2006
with a minority of electoral picks
it was a picture of false majority in 2011
thank single member plurality, westminster inheritance
it was a total blow, ranking as a low form of penance
a road to thought control for which we supposedly votedRead More »