nerdiger ausflug

Da ich nie in Rostock studiert habe, kenne ich die Uni-Infrastruktur hier so gut wie gar nicht. Mir wurde deshalb von einem guten Freund, der seit zehn (+/-) Jahren an der Uni Rostock ist, eine Führung in der Universitätsbibliothek angeboten. Hier ein paar Eindrücke:


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a walk down my street

The door is heavy. I dig in the heels of my flat-soled leather shoes and put my back into it, conscious of the possibility that doing so could put my back out. I step out into the monotonic grey of Rostock, pulling my scarf tighter around my face. At the T-intersection I turn left. Astonishing how colourful these houses are – all built after the war, of course. Of greater note is the gobsmacking amount of graffiti dressing all the outer walls. Most appear to be tags; I wonder what “FCH” stands for?Read More »

football (soccer)

During recess on the first day of school in grade 6, I ran to the gravel field as I had done every day in grade 5 and 4 to kick around a ball with my classmates. When I arrived, there was the same group of boys I’d played with the past two years and they told me, in no uncertain terms, that I couldn’t play because I was a girl.Read More »

exploring mecklenburg

September 2019 was my bike-iest month ever. A fractured toe pushed me to seek alternative cardio activities to running, so I took advantage of the Bombenwetter – weather so clear as to be conducive to aerial bombing, an expressive relic of WWII – and biked around the region of Mecklenburg. Here’s a snapshot of those 380km:Read More »

my year in beer 2018

St Andrews Brewing Co. Potterrow, Edinburgh

I like stats, so here’s one to start us off: For the first ten months of the year I averaged 20 new beers a month. That’s 2 new beers every 3 days! In total I had 236 different beers in the year.

Here’s a second stat: After Germany (133), where I live, the country whose beer I drank most was Scotland (31). Twenty of those were enjoyed in Edinburgh – that city is a wet dream for beer and pub enthusiasts, by the way.Read More »

i failed my road test (praktische prüfung)

I had an acutely crappy day today. Acutely crappy days are pretty rare for me; more often I feel a vague sense of anxiety, restlessness, dissatisfaction, unfulfilment, or even ennui, but only once in a while does something specific happen that adds a focused type of anger, disappointment, frustration, confusion or helplessness to the general unhappiness. Today was one of those days: today I failed my road test.Read More »