meandering apart

I meandered freely as a stream that flows through those plains yonder*
There was no other woman in sight and I had space to ponder
True though it was that I could see for miles all around
I got lost – in my own thoughts – when suddenly came a soundRead More »

one of us (netflix)

Today: One Of Us. A 1.5h look into the highly insular Hasidic community, through the lives of three people who tried to leave. There are 300,000 Hasidic Jews in New York City, mostly in Brooklyn.

I have zero tolerance for religious conservatism in any form. There’s a hierarchy of rights: your right to religious freedom comes after a woman’s right to self-determination and her right to be free of domestic violence and abuse. There is a grey zone that I haven’t managed to navigate yet, which is when someone belonging to a group that seems to be oppressed within that religious community chooses that life. A muslim woman who chooses to wear a burka, for example. Where does cultural relativism end and universal values begin?Read More »

sucks to be job

German word of the day: Hiobsbotschaft (f) – calamitous news

Hiob is German for Job, the guy in the Bible who got the rawest deal ever from God. He lost all of his property and children and he became covered in sores – all for a bet between God and Satan. Why is Old Testament God always such a dick??? What kind of omnibenevolent being demands a father to kill his own son (Abraham), turns people into salt just for turning around (Lot’s wife), and kills his most faithful servant’s ten children (Job) – all as a test?!? What a total psychopath!Read More »

things we worried about

When I was ten or eleven I was suffocated by religious fervour in school. It was just two people, actually: a boy in my class called Andrew, and my cousin, Sharon. Thanks to them I skipped trick-or-treating at least one year. Halloween was, apparently, pagan – while Christian holidays have zero pagan influences, of course. In grade five I agreed, for whatever reason, to go to some evening church activity with Andrew. Read More »

migrantische communities in st. georg, hamburg

Gegenseitige Ökonomie: Die Centrum-Moschee mit den auffälligen Minaretten befindet sich neben Lindenbazar, dem wahrscheinlich größten türkischen Supermarkt in Hamburg. (Foto:

Lezte Woche habe ich an einem besonderen Stadtrundgang teilgenommen. Das Thema war migrantische Communties in Sankt Georg, einer der vielfältigsten Stadtteilen in Hamburg.

Es hat viel Spaß gemacht. Was ich gelernt habe:Read More »