taking stock of my facebook addiction

It’s been 4.5 days since I deactivated my FB account *twitch* The first day or two were okay but I’m starting to feel restless and uneasy now. Considering that I’m quite addicted, I’m impressed that I even held out this long. Some observations about deactivating:Read More »


I’ve just deactivated my FB account. Trying to make it last a full week.

It’s a monster of a time drain, a leech on my limited attention, a toxin to my self-esteem. It is messed up how disappointed I feel when I see no little red flag in the top right corner and how frustrated I feel when I see no interesting new posts on my news feed. I’m addicted and I can feel the unhealthiness and I want out for a bit.

See you in a week or so.

[Update, day 1: My productivity at work is through the roof. Or is this how normal people work?]


August 24th, 2007

Life without internet gives you so much more time for everything else. Do we really need so many human connections at such close proximity and frequency? There’s nothing wrong with online social networking – and yeah, I guess that’s a bit loaded, because I personally don’t think of my emails as that at all – but it seems to me that it’s gotten to the point of being excessive. Forgive my generalisation, but people today, starting with our generation, are losing touch with things of substance. I can only talk about myself, though, so here: I have a world now that internet is not readily available. Without it, I can see how the thought of going online and the thought of online matters monopolised so much of my life. I can accomplish so much more in a day. I can go back to my room at night without the temptation to turn on the computer. I can be at the dinner table on time because I wasn’t halfway through an email. I don’t have to feel disgusted or envious over anyone’s online photos. I can sleep without feeling guilty that I could have but didn’t reply emails. I don’t have to feel unpopular because my blog didn’t receive any comments for the past n weeks or because no one wrote on my Facebook wall. I don’t have to be disappointed that my favourite fics haven’t been updated for a month, that there are no new comic strips on PhD, that there are no new highlights in NBA.com’s video vault, that there are no new Potterpuffs.

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When was the first time you used a computer?

My family’s first computer was in the late 1980s. We had Computer classes in grade 4, in a computer lab full of brand-spanking-new iMac G3‘s. I remember thinking how weird computers were, and I had a lot of trouble figuring what what to click to get it to do what I wanted. I started connecting to the internet (dial-up fun times) around then.

I was reading this article about computers in schools and thought back. "the education system in India is so broken, and parents are so motivated to see their kids succeed, that there is some hidden value in trying to solve this problem" – so awesome when ‘hidden value’s are realised…

Unrelated,  I’d like to explore socialisation of inelastic demand. I think of it every time I want to get a coffee, or buy a croissant, or see someone buy a bottle of coke five minutes away from home. More on that later.

Raining! Reminds me of Vancouver. Skipped morning class today and gonna go to work now… it’ll be a busy, busy day.