visiting grumpy grandma


He had dawdled too long with breakfast and he was going to be late to visit his grandmother, who was the kind of person who showed up so early for a dinner appointment that the restaurant wasn’t even open yet.

Well, he hadn’t dawdled so much with breakfast, which consisted of a mindnumbingly sweet bowl of Lucky Charms, as at breakfast, where he had read the latest polls for the upcoming election. It’s gonna be a toss-up…Read More »

first sixty seconds

The alarm clock rang at 8:12. Except it wasn’t a clock, it was his phone, and he’d snoozed it twice already. All right, up and at ‘em, he thought. But at what?

Genuine curiosity brought him to full consciousness. He halfheartedly slid out of bed, brushing his long matted hair out of his green eyes and freckled face and into a ponytail. Still wondering what he was supposed to be getting at now that he was up, he walked across his bright tidy room and grabbed the nearest pair of cargo shorts and punny graphic tee and pulled them on.Read More »

a walk down my street

The door is heavy. I dig in the heels of my flat-soled leather shoes and put my back into it, conscious of the possibility that doing so could put my back out. I step out into the monotonic grey of Rostock, pulling my scarf tighter around my face. At the T-intersection I turn left. Astonishing how colourful these houses are – all built after the war, of course. Of greater note is the gobsmacking amount of graffiti dressing all the outer walls. Most appear to be tags; I wonder what “FCH” stands for?Read More »

football (soccer)

During recess on the first day of school in grade 6, I ran to the gravel field as I had done every day in grade 5 and 4 to kick around a ball with my classmates. When I arrived, there was the same group of boys I’d played with the past two years and they told me, in no uncertain terms, that I couldn’t play because I was a girl.Read More »

exploring mecklenburg

September 2019 was my bike-iest month ever. A fractured toe pushed me to seek alternative cardio activities to running, so I took advantage of the Bombenwetter – weather so clear as to be conducive to aerial bombing, an expressive relic of WWII – and biked around the region of Mecklenburg. Here’s a snapshot of those 380km:Read More »