whitewashed walls

The problem of time machines, of time travel
Back to the past to tweak or unravel
Some event is determinist causality
Set aside for a while the mirthless banality
Of the possibility of baby Hitler on your hit list
And focus on my life as it is, please. Take stock:
I’m driving down highways, cruise control
In the slow lane we call Rostock.Read More »

my superpower

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

I grew up watching martial arts and kung fu movies and TV. Grandma used to live with us and she always had the TV on, and every other broadcast seemed to have kung fu in it. I loved the sound effect of air swishing as kung fun masters pushed aside the flaps of their tunics. I wondered why the wooden tables and chairs in the teahouses where fights took place would break as soon as a body landed on them. But above all, I wanted to fly. Well, it’s not flying – the technique is called qinggong, which is everthing parkour wants to be and more :D I ‘trained’ by strapping my dad’s dumbbells to my feet and trying to run in them.

Needless to say, my training did not bear fruit and I did not become a martial artist. But I realised yesterday what my superpower was: completing tasks while physically and mentally exhausted. I can still get s**t done after having been on my feet for 30 hours. I cut out external distraction, my focus narrows to the task at hand and I just concentrate on that and on my breathing.

People with babies might be, out of necessity, similarly skilled.

[Gratuitous Wong Fei Hung clip – awesome fight scene]

wir strebermigranten

Haben wir es richtig gemacht?

Wie kommt man am besten an in einem fremden Land, was ist gute Integration, außer die Sprache lernen, Arbeit und Freunde finden? Und welche Rolle spielt bei alldem eigentlich das Herkunftland?

Hat am Ende gewonnen, wer als Migrant nicht mehr erkennbar ist?

Wir Strebermigranten, Emilia Smechowski



I’m staring at two calendars, trying to sync them neatly with each other. The first is a regular monthly calendar that keeps track of my appointments. It used to be packed to the gills with social appointments: coffee with a friend, board games evening, walks, dinners, drinks, movie nights. All that stopped after I came back last summer. Pretty much the only things left in the calendar are ultimate frisbee practices, meetings and tournaments.

The second is a menstruation calendar that keeps track of my period.Read More »