first sixty seconds

The alarm clock rang at 8:12. Except it wasn’t a clock, it was his phone, and he’d snoozed it twice already. All right, up and at ‘em, he thought. But at what?

Genuine curiosity brought him to full consciousness. He halfheartedly slid out of bed, brushing his long matted hair out of his green eyes and freckled face and into a ponytail. Still wondering what he was supposed to be getting at now that he was up, he walked across his bright tidy room and grabbed the nearest pair of cargo shorts and punny graphic tee and pulled them on.

Was it a hunting reference? No, that was early bird gets the worm… or a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

“Okay, Google,” – oh god, there was a frog in his throat; so much for “just one more beer” last night – “’up and at ‘em’ origin.”

The emotionless female robo-voice of Google returned: “Up and at ‘em and up and Adam or atom are expressions that are often used and often confused.”

Wait, up and Adam? Up and ATOM? His face opened briefly into a perfect smile before he broke into a set of bemused chuckles.

– 10:50-11:10pm, Day 2, 30-Day Writing Challenge, the first 60 seconds of the day of a 3-in-1 charachter mash-up of three people I know (one person’s hair and laugh; a second person’s face and bedroom; a third person’s wardrobe and mannerisms)

3 thoughts on “first sixty seconds

  1. Der Wecker schrillte um 08:12. Obwohl es eigentlich gar keine Uhr war, sondern sein Telefon, bei dem er schon zweimal die Schlummertaste gedrückte hatte. “Auf sie mit Gebrüll!” dachte er.

    Langsam kroch er aus dem Bett, schleppte sich zum Spiegel und schaute in das was sein Gesicht sein sollte. Gleich sollte sein nächster Einsatz beginnen. Er faßte über seine Wangen aus Karbon. Klopfte auf seine Beine aus Titan. Er war wie der Holzfäller im Land von Oz. Militärärzte der Neptunallianz hatte ihn immer wieder zusammengeflickt. Nur sein Herz sollte angeblich noch irgendwo unter all den Ersatzteilen schlagen, sagten sie. Es fühlte sich anders an.

    “Auf sie mit Gebrüll!”, lachte er bitter. “Im Weltraum hört Dich niemand brüllen!”, dachte er. “Oder greinen.”

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