knee-jerk: canada federal election 2019

First-past-the-post SUUUUUUUCKS. Some takeways:*

  • First and foremost, really disappointed with the Green result. Only 6.5% of the popular vote stings. I was expecting double digits. Strategic voting blows.
  • NDP’s 15.9% gets them just 24 seats. It loses 15 seats.
  • Bloc Quebecois is now the third party in parliament
  • Bloc Quebecois has 32 seats on 7.7% of the vote and despite running candidates in only ONE province. 50% less votes than NDP but 33% more seats… tell me again how FPTP is regionally representative
  • Conservatives win the popular vote with 34.4% but Liberals will govern with 33% (46% seats)
  • The Prairies are, like, really blue: in Alberta, Conservatives won all but one seat, all their winning candidates had a majority, and overall had 69%. In Saskatchewan they swept with 65% overall, where all their winning candidates had at least 48%. I don’t have the numbers but in multiple ridings they got 80%+
  • Liberals lost seats in every single province
  • There is no Liberal MP between Port Coquitlam and Winnipeg
  • So happy to see Jody Wilson-Raybould win as an independent!
  • Sad that Jane Philpott lost her seat, but power to her for running as an independent
  • Wth happened to the Greens on Vancouver Island?
  • At least Greens have one MP now outside British Columbia
  • Green optimism: compared to the last election, they tripled their seat number (from 1) and are the first caucus that’s 2/3 women (but it used to be 1/1!)
  • May promises to hold government’s feet to the fire and predicts “crispy toes”… best imagery of the night
  • These party leaders are young! Trudeau: 47. Scheer: 40. Singh: 40.
  • 31,798 Canadian expats mailed in their ballots (including yours truly)
  • Turnout was unremarkable in either direction at 66%

Last word: A Liberal minority is still better than another Liberal majority.

*Numbers still being updated so a bit +/-, sorry…

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