exploring mecklenburg

September 2019 was my bike-iest month ever. A fractured toe pushed me to seek alternative cardio activities to running, so I took advantage of the Bombenwetter – weather so clear as to be conducive to aerial bombing, an expressive relic of WWII – and biked around the region of Mecklenburg. Here’s a snapshot of those 380km:

A rapdily eroding coastline on the island of Poel, whose name has the same origin as ‘Poland’
A mob of birds and a bunch of cows as I head east on the B110
Pleased to find Billhäger Forest
Is there a Canadian living in the teeny village of Pastow?!
Countryside near the village of Thulendorf
In Billhäger Forest again
In the hunting lodge of the House of Mecklenburg at Gelbensande, a recipe cast directly onto the waffle iron
An InterCity train, a windmill and a Volkswagen as I head northeast on the B105
Moor and field at Dänschenburg
Village church in Dänschenburg, which was less German and more sleepy sunny village in southern Europe where the only sounds were a rooster crowing, wood being chopped, and birds chirping
Waren, at Lake Müritz, the largest lake located completely within Germany
In the Mecklenburg Lake District
Wasserscheide: on one side of this point, water flows into the North Sea, and on the other, into the Baltic Sea. Here we’re at the source of the Havel river, which flows through Brandenburg, Berlin, and eventually feeds the Elbe
Along the Havel Bike Route in the Mecklenburg Lake District
Lake Jamel at Blankenförde
Lake Jamel at Blankenförde
Pre-fried rice works for a camping trip. With real Chinese sausage (laap cheung) and shiitake mushroom (dong gu)!!!
Exceedingly clear skies. Can you spot Saturn?
The Havel Bike Route overlaps partly with the famous Berlin-Copenhagen Bike Route
Punctual German cows
Beautiful forest to bike through as we crossed into the state of Brandenburg
The train station at Teschow looked so old that I’m not sure anyone still has the key. The platform has a machine for you to validate your ticket, but no machine to buy a ticket
Between Neubukow and Panzow. The future of Mecklenburg is renewable!
Last but not least, a couple braves the Warnemünde seagulls for their wedding photo shoot

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