my shots

I am no Alexander Hamilton
Even though we’re both first generation immigrants
There is one colossal glaring difference
I don’t need no shot; I’m indifferent.

I hold a passport, not just temporary residence
My actions aren’t based on costly careful measurements
My privilege means I don’t need resilience
My privilege means they always assume innocence

When I speak, you bet my words carry resonance
When I stand, my stances can be of defiance
When I trouble order, they don’t call me a menace
Succeed or fail, I don’t set a precedent

Thank school and money, I’m allowed to dissent
Comfortably middle class means I will never descend
Into hardship, exhaustion, fear or poverty
Being born in this family means I already won the lottery

I may be brown, but they call me model minority
You may frown cuz I’m the model of conformity
I let the currents take me at their own velocity
My life is one big endless opportunity

Where every new day gives me multiple shots
Regardless of mistakes I never rack up a loss
It’s always still affordable, no matter the cost
I neither count on luck nor pray to the gods

And in this privileged comfort I will gently rot
In satisfaction and safety, until I am caught
Driving to nowhere, striving for naught
Dying for no thing, wasting shot after shot.

October 2017
Penned in one sitting, on the train from Rostock to Berlin

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