beer oscars 2017

Braumanufaktur-Stange_BraumWhat were your favourite beers of yesteryear? Here’s a totally arbitrary list I spent the better half of December agonising over of fermented malt beverages I enjoyed (and didn’t) – drumroll please…

Best overall: Potsdamer Stange
Like a creamy breakfast cereal smoothie, this part-wheat organic Zwickel/Kellerbier was unlike any beer I’d had

Worst overall: Riedenberger Emmerbier
Smelled like oil and petrol, thin mouthfeel, honey-like sweetness

Best value for money: Sternburg
At €0.39 for half a litre, this above-average German pilsner was quaffable and affordable

Best surprise: Craftmühle 2in1
Coffee beans and coriander seeds married perfectly in this “coffeewit”

Best foreign*: Aldaris Kviesu
*not German, American or British
A Latvian Hefeweizen deliciously reminiscent of peaches at the height of summer

Best pilsner: Bitburger (draft)
Its smooth finish put it a hair ahead of the pack, but the bottled version was lacklustre

Best IPA or pale ale: Himburgs Braukunstkeller Pale Ale
A true representation of an American pale ale: clean, moderate IBU, pleasantly dry-hopped

Best stout, porter or wee heavy: Founders Dirty Bastard
Rich, deep and creamy with an impossibly full mouthfeel

Best Witbier: Ratsherrn Moby Wit
Refreshing and mildly spicy, maybe not as wheat-forward as a typical Belgian wit

Best runner-up: Jopen Rye Pale Ale
Rye’s spiciness complemented the fruity notes in a beer that almost won four other categories

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