the night before xmas – work version

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, when throughout the workplace
Not a creature was pausing in the pre-holiday phase.

We donned our dark suits and polished our brogues
“A Christmas themed tie? Or something in vogue?”
All to prepare for the annual staff meet
Before which the year would not be complete.

So after joint lunch, with all the plates cleared,
Into our chairs we all were steered.
With coffee provided and cookies laid out,
Time to discuss which projects are paid out.

But first a review of the year past
Then a look at next year: How long will funds last?
The Russian FA is a long-running theme
A signature by Christmas? That’s naught but a dream…

Planned meetings for MC already abound
Audits will check if systems are sound
The fixes in BAMOS were many and oft
The multiple calls keep our workloads aloft.

Our regional impact will be assessed
As’ll third call AFs: we’ll judge which are best.
We hope that platforms’ll fuel capitalisation
And Programme support helps Strategy implementation.

First level control of projects and TA
Will in twenty-eighteen as usual take place.
Decommitment aims have been more than surpassed
We’ll claim next payment before the year’s passed.

Our stories on projects were crafted with care
Joint Interreg messages for use are now there.
We will improve office tech capability
Congratulations to all on closing Seed Money Facility!

And last but not least, on future Interreg trends:
Brussels must look through a transnational lens.

Now we will soon have our duck, fish or rice
(whichever your choice, the food’s bound to be nice).
I’d like to wish you before we our work desks do clear
Merry Christmas to you and happy new year!


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