i emailed 183 members of parliament. this is how they responded.

On 18 May 2017, I emailed each of Canada’s 183 Liberal members of parliament. The emails addressed the member personally (e.g. “Dear Mr. Aldrag”) but were otherwise identical. The subject line read: “I support ERRE recommendations – please vote YES on May 31st”. The text provided reasons why the member should vote ‘yes’ to concur with the recommendations of the all-party committee on electoral reform that were published on 1 December 2016.

The four charts below summarise their response as of 28 May.

Explanation of response types:

Auto: standard – Automatic computer-generated generic reply
Auto: where do you live? – Automatic reply asking for my postal code to determine which riding I’m in
Auto: mentions topic – Standard reply that at least mentioned the topic, thus probably filled in by a human
Auto: where live? + mentions topic – Standard reply that asked for my postal code and mentioned the topic
Sorry not sorry – A reply acknowledging the ERRE committee’s work and either saying there was no consensus and/or pointing to other efforts by this government to further democracy in the country (e.g. Bill 33)
Actually sorry – Sincere reply apologising for the government’s decision to not deliver on its promise
I will vote yes – Reply confirming the member will indeed vote yes, against the party and government line (Nathaniel Erskine-Smith!!!)

Why did I sort by gender? There were several other criteria I could have sorted by, e.g. by cabinet membership, by province, by new/returning MP, etc. Gender was simply the easiest and I was lazy ;)

I’d be pleased to provide the raw data upon request. It includes names and ridings.


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