taking stock of my facebook addiction

It’s been 4.5 days since I deactivated my FB account *twitch* The first day or two were okay but I’m starting to feel restless and uneasy now. Considering that I’m quite addicted, I’m impressed that I even held out this long. Some observations about deactivating:


  • I am far more productive at work. Like, a million times more. FB was a giant timesink. Not because reading others’ content took that much time, but because me posting, thinking about what/how to post, and finding stuff to post would consume my day.
  • I connect slightly more with people IRL. Because there’s no alternative, but probably also because I’m less distracted.
  • I enjoy the peace and quiet. No noise, no background static, no people demanding my attention, no messages to reply to. It feels like disconnecting while on holiday.
  • I feel slightly more wholesome and clean. FB is noisy and grubby, narcissistic, desperate, attention-seeking… at least in my case!
  • I like the idea of people not knowing where I am, what I’m up to or what I’m reading.
  • I like the idea of people wondering where I went.


  • I miss connecting with friends. Most of my friends don’t live in the same country or even on the same continent as me, making online connection essential! FB was the easy way. Email’s a different beast. In fact, I don’t even have most of their email addresses. I don’t use any other social media or whatsapp.
  • I feel like I’m missing out on activities. Most of my social activities are planned through FB. Without this platform, I have to write text messages on my non-smart phone to people to arrange things in a bilateral way.
  • I miss sharing my opinion, especially on political issues.
  • I miss seeing my friends’ reactions to current affairs.
  • I miss seeing my friends’ updates, even though FB’s stupid algorithm doesn’t show me all of them anyway.

Bottom line: I would like to continue limiting my time and presence on FB. How can I do this but still talk to my friends?

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