I’ve just deactivated my FB account. Trying to make it last a full week.

It’s a monster of a time drain, a leech on my limited attention, a toxin to my self-esteem. It is messed up how disappointed I feel when I see no little red flag in the top right corner and how frustrated I feel when I see no interesting new posts on my news feed. I’m addicted and I can feel the unhealthiness and I want out for a bit.

See you in a week or so.

[Update, day 1: My productivity at work is through the roof. Or is this how normal people work?]

2 thoughts on “deactivated

  1. I don’t think so. When I’m on holiday I can easily steer clear for three weeks, but as I mentioned here, I really do need FB to organise social activities with friends in this city and to talk to friends in other cities. My alternatives (SMS, phone calls, email, Skype) can’t achieve either of those functions at nearly the same scope or scale.
    The only way I could leave for longer in the future is if I’d decide I wanted next to no social interaction during that time.
    What about you? Or would a week away not be as interesting for you since you’re not as addicted as me? :P

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