how i feel in my german-speaking friendships

Between us is this wall
This piece of concrete ten feet tall
I call to you, you hear me not
The thoughts I send just bounce right off
I want to reach you – you’re not that far
But with this wall we’re worlds apart

To break through I shout louder still
One crack, two cracks form until
The whole wall falls after a spasm
Now in its place a deep dark chasm
I see you now but you’re still at bay
So close and yet so far away

I start to build a bridge with words
Then I run out – the same old curse
Echoes of my half-baked prose
Fall in this hole where silence grows
The bridge becomes a plank to sea
Tension mounts. I begin to plea
By looking straight into your eyes
“Please, rescue us from this demise”

Reach out to me and understand
All the thoughts that I had planned
To say out loud, to share with you
To connect us, just us two
I want you to stand next to me

Nothing between us, barrier-free

All this is but a fantasy
Until I can speak more fluently

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