my canadian politics rap

Beat by Element Productions (at 110% tempo)
Lyrics my own

i wanna be clear: we had ten years full of darkness
that’s a decade of fear to divide, scare and part us
the story of harper’s reign starts in 2006
with a minority of electoral picks
it was a picture of false majority in 2011
thank single member plurality, westminster inheritance
it was a total blow, ranking as a low form of penance
a road to thought control for which we supposedly voted

but liberals are back, and conservatives are on the attack
but it’s just chatter; their own track record is totally tattered
on every matter that mattered, they left canada beat-up and battered
and it beats me how not to feel shattered and bitter
while history is literally littered with their shit
i’m no grit, but the cons are full of it: their candidate
ransacked our whole land and dismantled our social programs
they commit ecocide by mining athabascar tar sands

plan silence of the lambs by prevention of science
demand compliance. did i mention detention without a permit?
commit sociology“? please. more like policy of apathy
police force that doesn’t give a damn – you see
women are missing and murdered, cuz they’re indigenous.
it’s ridiculous, these omnibus bills are so ominous
as illustration? legislations C-51 and 38
proroguing four times shows so much hate for rule of law
another senate spending scandal? electoral fraud fraught with robocalls?
god, it appalls me. all of it. we need more than paltry recalls.
time to pause. let’s put a halt to this. let’s idle no more
cue overhaul!

the new liberal budget looks like a spending spree only
if balanced books are worth anything more than good looks
and that’s the hook, ladies and gentlemen, of these neoliberal crooks
sorry, for me, the economy isn’t the highest priority
we can’t build on a foundation without stability
and it’s a conspiracy when 61% voters vote and hear “bite me!
an all-party committee should guarantee that
first-past-the-post is toast. and should dual nationality be
two classes of citizenry? hell no!
a vote should not be dependent on residency
reforming the senate should also top our to-do-list
conforming to geneva, we need to welcome more refugees

let’s protect our assets. we’re a natural resource economy
that means more energy that’s green, no tankers on the west coast please
how about a federal carbon tax like the one in B.C.?
restore protection for two million rivers, lakes and seas
and despite the anthem, this is not our native land
it’s not just a scandal but a deep shame that should haunt us
that 93 reserves have unclean drinking waters
that’s gotta bother us. and if not — what the hell’s wrong with us?


  • I’m not Liberal. Promise! I’m just relieved that the Harper years are over.
  • This was partly inspired by Whose Streets, Our Streets (great rap – check it out!!!), a powerful criticism of the corruption and failure of Harper’s Conservative government (federal) and McGuinty’s Liberal government (provincial – Ontario). The chant ‘Whose streets? Our streets!’ comes from the 2010 G20 protests in Toronto. The perhaps unprecedented intensity of police brutality and total shutdown of Canadian civil liberties (re: assembly, speech, detention, arrests etc) was truly shocking. If you’re interested, watch the superb 90min documentary Toronto G20 Exposed.
  • I’m new to spoken word and welcome your constructive criticism on how to improve!


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