magic house: dream it and it could happen

everything the light touches is our kingdom...
everything the light touches is our kingdom…

Europe used to be my idea of the land of opportunity – the place where anything was possible! But now let’s focus: that place is actually MALTA.

On my very first full day here, my flatmate Caro saw a ‘To Let’ sign on a waterfront bar and called the number to inquire about the rent (the number was not in service). My colleague’s archaeologist boyfriend is applying for funding for a digitised heritage project. And tonight, my other flatmate Xavi discovered good organic wine from his region back in Spain in the local supermarket and came up with the idea to import organic Spanish wine to Malta. Caro caught the ball running (or whatever the sports metaphor is – she picked up the idea and just WENT with it) and they’re now contemplating (semi for real) opening a shop in the neighbourhood.

As a hardworking foreigner (and white, presumably, or at the very least not black), apparently you will never be out of a job too long. The economy is growing, certain sectors are growing, the population is growing (albeit mostly (EU) migrants), the property market is exploding… it’s an eight-year bubble that doesn’t show signs of bursting any time soon. Malta’s riding high on its EU affiliation.

And with the Mediterranean climate and lifestyle, I’m starting to BELIEVE in possibility. Honest to god, if I didn’t have a job offer for March, I’d seriously consider staying here for a year, getting a job, basically a working holiday.

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