[update] but he has promises to keep

[updates on progress, if any, as of Jan 2017]

Top policy promises by Justin Trudeau that I look forward to seeing him keep:

  1. BROKEN: Introduce electoral reform, based on recommendations from an all-party committee, within 18 months
  2. Launch a national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women
  3. Bring back the long-form census
  4. Implement all recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  5. End bomb raids in Syria
  6. Scrap the purchase of F-35 fighter jets: however, 18 new jets (Super Hornets) were purchased as an interim solution until the gov’t decides what to actually replace the existing CF-18s with
  7. Repeal Bill C-24: some aspects have been repealed, incl. revocation of citizenship for terrorism/on national security grounds, and a new amending bill C-6 has been introduced, proposing i.a. revocation of citizenship in cases of fraud/misinformation, and to limit language requirement to 18-54 y.o. applicants. More: https://openparliament.ca/bills/42-1/C-6/?tab=mentions
  8. Form a gender-balanced cabinet of 25 members: (30 members, close enough)
  9. Ensure safe drinking water on First Nations reserves within 5 years
  10. Cancel income splitting
  11. Quadruple federal spending in public transit over the next decade
  12. Repeal the “problematic elements” of Bill C-51

I will be striking through these items as he gets ’em done.

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