canada day 2015

Away from the maple leaves, barbecues and
Red-and-white bunting here ‘im Ausland’
July 1st is my day of reflection
A day for me to challenge my perceptions
Of what Canada is and what being Canadian means.

This year is special: The publication of the report of the TRC
Last month made me question: Who, actually, are we?
What’s done can’t be undone, but our understanding
Of a romanticised history of European landing
Is wrong and must be addressed.

Today I want to celebrate and I’m doing my best
– just finished baking this maple custard pie –
But when 35% of us think torture is justified, how can I?
How can I, when both houses gave Bills C-51 and C-24 easy passes
Despite widespread opposition from the experts and the masses?

My wish is that Canada live up to its enviably good reputation
Of natural beauty, multiculturalism, kindness and compassion
Where difference is welcomed, where we own up to the past
And I am quite confident that we will get there at last
But until then, my dear Canada, please don’t mind me
As I stand, admittedly fearfully, on guard for thee.


One thought on “canada day 2015

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