things i learned from working at the wfc

Here I will focus on ‘content’ knowledge rather than the broader life lessons of how to work, how to treat people and so on. Now that I no longer work there and have no agenda other than my own, I don’t have to say anything I don’t actually believe.

So here’s what I believe:

  • Technology cannot, in and of itself, correct injustices and inequalities. It is a useful and often necessary tool, but technological and scientific advancement only creates the minimal conditions needed for change. It does not drive change.
  • Policy and legislation are signals given by a position of authority (the government) to the rest of society about what SHOULD BE. Regardless of the extent of implementation and execution, signals are important. They are a point of reference for us.
  • Policy and legislation create structures and frameworks that guide the actions of various actors.
  • Policy and legislation do not guarantee change. There needs to be implementation, enforcement, accountability, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Sometimes policy leads. Sometimes it follows.
  • The money to fund progress is there. The question is allocation.
  • Change is possible, and it’s happening. Ever so fucking slowly.
  • Democracy is the keystone.

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