we’re sinking

Something’s always going wrong in the world, but right now it feels like so much has been going wrong recently.

Israel/Palestine conflict: 1030 Palestinians and 50 Israelis have been killed in the fighting so far in the past three weeks. No signs of stopping – in fact, Israeli PM Netanyahu’s pledged to keep up the military action until all of Hamas’ tunnels are destroyed. Today alone eight children in Gaza were killed in missile strikes. What can the international community do? UNSC and several countries have issued statements. But no one’s tried embargoes and economic sanctions on Israel yet.

Ukraine: Russia basically annexed Crimea earlier this year. Again, international community, wth?

Planes: Malaysian Airlines plane disappeared in March. Still no one has any idea what happened to it. Another Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down in east Ukraine. No survivors. An Air Algerie plane crashed in Mali, killing all on board.

Other transport: The sinking of the South Korean ferry, with all those students on board…

Elsewhere: Abductions and bombings in Nigeria. Terrorist attacks in Kenya.


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