out doors and into nature

Möja, Sweden

I woke up shortly before eight. The sun was already high in the sky and warming up our little room. I put on my beloved Uppsala hoodie, went out onto the patio, found a few cushions and lay on the wooden bench, continuing my rest.

I adjusted the patio umbrella to mediate between my eyes and the bright ball of fire way up high. The air was cool and fresh, the bees were buzzing in the flower bush next to my head, no other humans were in sight or sound, I was on holiday. All was good.

And as I lay there, enjoying the moment so very much, I vowed to myself that I would spend as much of the rest of my life as possible outdoors.

Nature is beautiful. Nature sustains. Nature nurtures. It’s where I feel most at ease, most – for want of a better word – natural. So imma leave the doors behind!


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