finally finished transcribing 1000+ min of interview!

The Scottish Highlands are breathtaking
The Scottish Highlands are breathtaking


It is April 2nd right now. There has not been a single weekend yet this year when I wasn’t with my laptop at home, transcribing interview. There have been many evenings after work spent doing the same thing. And now I’m finally done. DONE!!!! FREE, PRECIOUS! *gollum dance*

It’s a big moment… kind of emotional. The transcripts had been plaguing me for three. solid. months! The inflections of the Scottish accent were difficult sometimes. Worse were the mumblers. Worse still was the audio quality and background voices (sometimes background voices in the foreground!). I also struggled with place, people and organisation names and acronyms; many hours were spent poring over online maps of Scotland in the desperate hope of stumbling across a village with a name that looks vaguely as how it might sound and how it sounded in the interview (Ullapool didn’t take too long. Auchingarrich did).

But… it was absolutely awesome. I learned so so much. I feel like a part of the story – I feel like I was there, as if I undertook the journeys taken by the interviewees. And most importantly, I feel encouraged by what I heard. I feel like there is hope.

That is beyond reward enough for the time and effort I put in. I’m glad (well of course I can say this now that it’s over) I was asked and glad I did it.

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