cooking comforts

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“These days, and in this city especially, there’s usually so little reason to cook. If you’re hungry, soup dumplings or Thai curry is always just a Seamless order away. But if you’re feeling hollow, Schrambling writes, you can bake pumpkin bread or molasses cookies; you can lose yourself inside a recipe for a while and build something delicious where you thought there wasn’t much at all. It’s the act of cooking, not the egg noodle-draped result, that feeds us.”

From NYT via Smitten Kitchen.

My colleague often jokes – in an appreciative way! – about how often I bake, which is once a week, usually Sundays. I do it especially frequently when I’m under stress or have a heavy workload. It helps me detach from the world and give my full attention to a project that is closed: it has a start and a finish and instructions. It’s a form of meditation.

Cooking I also love to do but less so. More stress, more time pressure, more washing up, result doesn’t last as long.


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