immigration minister goes home

The Tories' GO HOME van campaign
The Tories’ highly controversial  and ineffective GO HOME van campaign

The UK immigration minister Mark Harper resigned today, apparently after discovering that he was employing an illegal immigrant as his cleaner. He’s the one who launched the GO HOME van campaign last summer, which placed ads in immigration offices and drove around billboards like the one above.

The campaign was executed quite enthusiastically by home secretary Theresa May, who wants to make Britain a “hostile environment” in an immigration bill now being debated in parliament. Reacting to the resignation, she said: “Mark has been an excellent minister and he can be proud of the role he has played in sharply reducing immigration to Britain.” Classic Theresa May.

My friend Logan summed the story up with ‘hoisted by his own petard’.

But I have some questions – namely, what’s going to happen to the minister’s cleaner? Is she going to be deported?


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