of the circus

Source: UNFCCC
Source: UNFCCC

Happy Monday! There’s this acronym – UNFCCC – that must be one of the most misspelled acronyms out there. Sometimes it’s written with two C’s and sometimes with four, as if to say screw it, there are so many C’s at the end anyway, who’d notice if I tack an extra one on?

This befuddling member of the UN alphabet soup stands for United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and every year they have a big climate conference called COP (Conference of Parties – it’s more conference than party if you ask me). This year’s COP kicked off today in Warsaw, Poland.

Sooo… why do I care? The first time I heard about and took interest in the COP was in 2009, in my last year of undergrad, back in the throes of actually caring about what happens in and to the wide world. Since then, I’ve sunk into comfortable apathy regarding macro, global issues of economics and environment. My activism and energy has be redirected to relatively more micro and individual social issues. Why? Because it’s easier. It comes more naturally to me to think about those issues. That’s a conversation for another time, though. The reason why I’m paying attention to this year’s COP is because I’ll actually be there. Yup, you read that right! I’m going to the circus!

I’m hoping to jot down a couple notes about my experience while I’m there. In the run-up, I’m doing a bit of prep reading (because I’m woefully unprepared, as always), and will post some interesting articles I find. Here’s this morning’s catch:

Artists illustrate Taiwan’s drive for UNFCCC role – fascinating because of the fact that Taiwan is a greenhouse gas emitter but is neither a member nor observer of the UNFCCC (as it’s not part of the UN, thanks to the PRC)

Fighting for the Soul of Climate Finance – an easy-to-follow piece in layman’s terms touch on ethics, moral oblication and the ‘polluter pays’ principle


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