most things i know more about than the things i should know about

Even the mediocre food here in Nantes is amazing. There was goat’s cheese in my pumpkin butternut squash soup at lunch.

Tonight’s 4-course dinner involved, among other things, scallops, veal, three cheeses, giant raspberry macarons, and wine, wine, wine. It was the same fare served to the mayors of the World Mayors’ Summit on Climate Change… so yeah.

The dinner didn’t start off so well: I got sandwiched between the private sector partners and the French architects. Hardly ideal. Then at some point the Australian to my left, with whom I had hitherto been less than impressed, struck up conversation with me about Canadian politics (David Suzuki’s daughter gave the keynote at the closing plenary of the Ecocity Summit today) and I just couldn’t shut up. It started with David Suzuki being a supporter of electoral reform, then electoral reform and different kinds of electoral systems, then the referenda in BC and ON, then citizens’ assemblies, then the SENATE SCANDAL… my dream conversation. Well, monologue…

Which is a huge contrast to when we were talking about sustainable cities earlier on. Or when I talked about the local renewable energy transition with the mayor of Boulder, CO in the afternoon.

What I’m basically saying is that I am WAY less comfortable talking about anything work-related in terms of content (RE, energy transition, policy, policy frameworks, political will, capacity building, knowledge transfer, sustainable cities, resource flows, urban infrastructure…) than I am about other things.

I’m in the wrong field. The right LINE of work, but the wrong field. Craaaaaaap.

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