work trip, take 2

My second work trip (not counting Folkecenter, where I had no responsibilities…) begins tomorrow – flying to Nantes for the EcoCity Summit and World Urban Campaign Steering Committee meeting!

I feel significantly less nervous than before Nairobi. Partly because this is my second time at one of these conference/meetings, but partly because the stakes are lower… no UN Governing Council, just a conference, just networking and ideas-gathering.

That’s not to say I don’t feel nervous. But I don’t feel like throwing up. You know, progress.

It’s also in France instead of Kenya, so somehow that helps with the familiarity thing… I know more of what to expect of France than of Kenya.

This is the first time my boss will be there, though. So that’s new. And I have to try harder to prove myself in front of him. Sigh.

After the work’s over I’m going to PORTUGAL! First to Coimbra to visit my friend Jens and then a day in Lisbon! CANNOT WAIT :)


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