agm 2013: uncertainty


This year’s AGM has left me more uncertain than ever. I’m really lost and don’t know whom to talk to. It upsets me and all these feelings and thoughts are just pent up inside with no outlet. Not just outlet, though – I need someone to listen and help me in finding sense in it all. The person I would most naturally discuss these issues with is part of the issue, and I can’t let her in on all my existential angst (angst in the English sense). Showing vulnerability takes courage, especially when your job is on the line!

For me, the AGM was mostly good, at times amazing, at other times awful. At the first session – the Circle on Ethics and Vision – we held hands and each said one word describing how we felt about the org. I wanted to say “uncertain” – as in, I am uncertain how I feel, but also the org itself is uncertain about itself – but everyone was saying positive things and I didn’t want to be a downer, so I compromised and said “improving”. But one of the councillors got it spot on when he unapologetically said “lost”.

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