[update] marriage equality legislation is here to stay

[UPDATE 21/5/13] Quick congrats to England and Wales for passing marriage equality legislation! Despite this Tim Loughton “wrecking amendment” regarding civil partnerships for heterosexual couples. Frig, the bill doesn’t need to be any more complicated than it already is.  So now we can consider scrapping civil partnerships altogether, as they were artificially introduced as a consolation prize to same-sex couples who were excluded from the (civil) institution of marriage.


A quick congrats to Minnesota for passing marriage equality legislation less than an hour ago! Minnesota joins 11 other states + D.C. I am now taking bets as to how many states will pass such legislation before the federal government jumps on the bandwagon. My own bet? 50. When it comes to the US federal government I keep my expectations loooooooooow.

April 2013 was whirlwind month for marriage equality worldwide, with 3 new countries (+ 1 US state) joining the club of sanity. Current club members are the Netherlands, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, France, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, South Africa and New Zealand. Point of clarification: there is no actual club!


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