eurovision 2013 | generational differences

G’evening! Two entirely unrelated things on my mind. First, the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Fantastic show! Surprising results. I think the values and tastes of voters are changing rapidly. There were some really good songs this year, songs that could be plausible standalone songs. My favourites: Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Malta, France and the Netherlands. Special mention to Romania, who sang most of the song in falsetto while wearing a Dracula-inspired cloak. The interval song that the Swedish host performed deserves special mention. It packed every single Swedish stereotype you can think of in a few minutes of pure entertainment, complete with jokes about hosting a show you can’t afford and meatballs with horsemeat. Genius.

The second thing on my mind tonight is this interesting piece titled “Yes, the men of my father’s generation were better at being men.” Comment sections in the Guardian generally add positively to the article that is being commented on and are fun and insightful to read.

Chacal: To the Boomers whose feelings I’ve hurt.
Of course you’re not all bad, hence in my original post I stated there always exceptions. In fact I think the majority of you are just as decent as any other generation.
But here’s the undeniable facts:

1. You lived through an unprecedented period of peace. In the UK non of you were drafted and died to fight for your country, as your parents generation did.

2. You lived through an unprecedented period of economic prosperity in the west.

3. The above meant you enjoyed very good salaries, low unemployment, relatively cheap houses, jobs for life, early retirement, gold plated pensions, golden handshakes when you retired in your 50s.

4.You had far greater opportunities than the kids of today e.g. your fees were paid at University, you had student grants
and social mobility was much greater.

And who can blame you for your lucky birthdays? I certainly don’t, that’s not what annoys me about Boomers.

But what does piss me off is constantly listening to you put down, slag off and attack the kids of today. Kids who don’t have the opportunities you had, don’t get free university, don’t have the options to retire early, don’t have jobs for life and can’t afford to buy their own homes etc .

I honestly wish we had time travel and the next time I heard a boomer moaning about younger generations I could instantly transfer their younger selves to modern Britain. Most boomers would last about 2 minutes in the current climate and it might stop them whining about kids, our futures.

And a reply I appreciate deeply:

trevorgleet: @Chacal – I fit your 1-4 and am very conscious of being extremely lucky.

I don’t put down the next generation. I tremble for them. Because they are deprived of a further thing that made 1-4 enjoyable: the expectation of a fair deal. We knew that if you studied, passed your exams, worked hard, lived cheaply and saved, made sure you got to work every day on time, sober, alert, dressed as convention demanded – ie played the game by the established and well understood rules – you were pretty certain to get the secure career, the comfortable income, the house and so on.

When I see crowds of young people out getting helplessly drunk every night, and hysterical over gadgets and celeb trivia, yes I feel revulsion. But also pity: the rewards for self control, self discipline, self improvement that helped most of my generation live more sober, industrious, ‘better'(?), certainly more fulfilling lives just aren’t there for most of them. If we were their age, would we do any better? I doubt it.


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