Hummus is freaking delicious and so easy to make if you have a blender/food processor.


My friend Hannah came over for dinner and cringey reality TV (package deal!) yesterday. I’m pretty damn proud of the menu I pulled out of thin air: zucchini tarragon soup, hummus and pita, grilled honey garlic eggplant (utilising the grill in the kitchen that belongs to the guy I’m subletting from), mushroom-tomato-couscous in roasted bell peppers, and chocolate chip cookies. It was all going very fancily – fresh tarragon leaves as garnish on the soup, which was served in a shallow soup bowl; eggplant rounds with grill marks for pete’s sake – until the chocolate chip cookies, haha. Hannah found some cherry blossoms on the ground on the way here and decorated my windowsill with them:


Note the open window. SPRING! :)

Then we watched Germany’s Next Top Model followed by Frauentausch (Wife Swap) to balance out the wholesomeness.


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