china’s alleged “carbon tax” generating a ton of hype

Here’s how it went/is going down: a Ministry of Finance (MoF) official called Jia Chen apparently posted an article on the MoF website announcing that China will introduce a “carbon tax”. The news was spread far and wide – first by state-operated news outlet Xinhua and in Chinese on China Daily, then further through mainstream English media, including mindbogglingly shoddy ‘reporting’ from HuffPo and NYT that has no hard facts. Useless journalism, but regardless, the NYT’s fact-lite blog post is spreading like mad on the interwebz.

But it’s not all bad. My top three picks:

  1. What Would China’s Carbon Tax Regime Look Like – by Ella Chou – now that‘s analysis.
  2. China is getting a carbon tax. But how effective will it be? – Washington Post blog – asks good questions, but it’s all hypotheticals (admittedly there are very few facts to work with)
  3. Chinese carbon tax may pressure Canada to act, experts say – Global – for a Canuck and/or intl trade take on it.

This, as with everything lately, leaves me either cautiously optimistic or mildy sceptical. Keystone XL, for example, was the former. A Chinese carbon tax that could actually just be a pollution fee seldom implemented with no timeline on its introduction?

Mildly sceptical.


One thought on “china’s alleged “carbon tax” generating a ton of hype

  1. i am skeptical about the carbon tax as well. china will generate a lot of revenue if the tax is well implemented, but i highly doubt that’ll happen. also, in all honesty, it’ll be the poor people that get taxed more in the end because the poor can only use coal to generate energy, whereas the rich will be able to find ways to avoid the tax

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