new hobby, or i need to get a life

Immediately after signing up as a “supporter” of the Liberal party I started receiving emails from the party as well as the leadership race candidates. My new hobby? Replying their “please support me” campaign emails with my own campaign demands, using exactly the same kind of language.

Dear Mr Garneau,

As a long-time supporter of and campaigner for electoral reform in Canada, I was glad to see the issue of electoral cooperation addressed in the first Liberal leadership race debate. I have recently signed up to vote in the upcoming Liberal leadership election and will support the candidate who is most vocal and supportive of the need for electoral cooperation in order to avoid another Conservative government in 2015

There are tens of thousands of Canadians – if not more – like me who view electoral reform to proportional representation as the country’s most urgent problem, as it affects the quality of our democracy and hence ability to create progress in any other area of society. Any candidate supporting this issue can therefore count on substantial backing and door-pounding on their behalf come election time!

I look forward to hearing your views on this issue and hope you will join all Canadians in making our country a more democratic place. The time to act is now.

Do I need to get a life? Mayhaps.

In other super exciting news: there will be a referendum in Hamburg this September on the question of whether the City should buy back the power grid from Vattenfall so that it can support a higher share of renewables. I LOVE REFERENDA. They are nerve-wracking and awesome because it’s democracy pur – just raw, zeitgeisty essence about fundamental and relatable issues. Om nom nom.

[Update] And the politicians(‘ volunteer base) replies!

My name is Stuart, and I’m a volunteer who is helping Marc run for the leadership of the Liberal Party.  I hear you and Marc shares your concerns about having a strong progressive alternative to the Conservatives.


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