quick update, or attempt at apolitical post

Today was a day of firsts. I conducted my first ever interview. And I saw a Muslim pray for the first time. The two things are connected: because there is no internet at home I conducted a planned skype-turned-telephone interview on campus, and there’s nowhere on campus that’s quiet enough but that allows me to speak at a normal volume. I eventually sat myself between a long row of lockers in a quiet corner of the library and began the interview. Halfway through someone came and retrieved a prayer rug from the locker next to me and started praying. At the time I was so wrapped up in taking notes that I didn’t give it a second thought, but now that I reflect I must’ve been horribly intrusive and disruptive. Prayer requires a peaceful and quiet environment and I was on the phone right next to him… :(

Anyway, the interview was with the founder of one of the ABC vote swap facebook groups back in 2008. His insights are… too depressing to go into right now. But interesting. But unexpected. Which means I have to add another section and slightly change my wording. Which means more work. Which is fine, but I just need more time!

The Weihnachtsmärkte are here! Went to one in Bergedorf on Sunday, medieval ‘themed’, next to the castle from 1220. I’m not quite in the mood to enjoy the Vorweihnachtszeit (pre-Christmas time) simply because I don’t have time. Thesis, ya know. But I’ve been surprisingly good at keeping social engagements even as the clock ticks.

What else… oh the job contract for next year’s finally here. Hurrah. The colleague I work most closely with has been away for two weeks now, which means I get to focus more on the thesis in peace… this work/study simultaneity thing is only a good idea if you can manage the time well. I shouldn’t have worked so much in Oct. Oh well.

Looking forward to Christmas in Canada! first, looking forward to being back after over 2 years. Looking forward to seeing my friends in Toronto – most of my uni friends endedu up there. Looking forward to seeing my family and spending Christmas with them in Vancouver. Not looking forward to working on thesis while there.

Um… oh yeah, Nicole, my ‘successor’ as media intern and friend, opened up a popup store for the first 3 weeks of Dec. She and her boyfriend have been planning it for about a year now. I was at the grand opening party last Sat and it felt good! I dunno, felt good to see someoen’s idea/dream become reality – a reality you could touch and see and smell. Also felt good to go out at night for the first time in months. Nothing crazy, but just to feel alive, you know? Also got some amazing homemade white Glühwein. Also had a great 3-hour convos with Hannah (that became increasingly difficult to sustain as the music volume crept up).

Haven’t been paying attention to the UN climate change conference (COP18) in Qatar at all. Seriously have other stuff to focus on right now.


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