dense all right – and i don’t mean the living

I know, I know: reading any Canadian paper is just asking to be riled up. Where the heck has journalism gone and died? Both our national papers (National Post and The Globe and Mail) appear to be in a race to the bottom of quality reporting. Globe is winning slightly, but only because NP posts giant photos for every article (I like photos).

But where else to get my daily dose of Canadian news? is perhaps more neutral, but does just as little digging, this recent piece of investigative journalism notwithstanding. is quite enjoyable but politically slanted (in my direction, but slanted all the same) and not a daily feed. The Star’s online layout is an assault on the eyes and only good for Toronto news.

The latest piece of offending material comes from National Post: How do you add affordable housing in Vancouver? Build them in the middle of the street (loathe as I am to direct traffic to this tripe). Since when did news stories turn into biased commentaries of the following kind:

What’s the city to do? Cram even more people in. Shoehorn the middle class into tighter spaces. Tear up city streets and alleyways and build homes there. And force developers — somehow — to sell new homes for prices far below market value.

Affordable housing is among the biggest of Vancouver’s headaches. The city has a physical limit on space, and no foreseeable legal limit on how many people move in. But dense living is anything but a bad thing. Canadians and USians need to wake up. A large chunk of the idea and realisation of the northern two-thirds of North America stems from the pre(/mis)conception that ZOMG WE HAVE LIKE SO MUCH LAND, but at some point we as a society need to shift our paradigm and realise that the days of expanding west into hitherto uncolonised land are long gone.

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